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The Pipeline Committee encourages Latinx students from K-12 to College to pursue a career in law. If you would like to partner, volunteer, or have ideas, please contact Arturo Gonzalez at



Los Abogados Mentorship Program

Students can sign up for a Los Abogados attorney mentor.

This program connects law students and college students with member attorneys. We also connect individuals interested in law school, so even if you are not currently a student, you are welcome to apply for the Mentorship Program once you are a member of Los Abogados.

The program is somewhat informal since there are no meeting requirements. It is up to the mentee and mentor to decide when they talk or meet and how often they do so.

Individuals are not “stuck” with their mentors, and are encouraged to apply for a new one for whatever reason. Students often apply for a new mentor every year simply to expand their network and gain a different perspective.


To apply to be part of the Mentorship Program as a mentee or mentor, click HERE

Pipeline Committee

Los Abogados Pipeline Fellowship Program

Aspiring law students can apply to the Pipeline Fellowship program, which provides support from LSAT prep through law school applications and beyond.


In 2017, the Los Abogados Pipeline Fellowship program was created with the vision to increase diversity within the legal profession by helping diverse applicants overcome one of the biggest hurdles to law school admissions—the LSAT exam.

From its origin, the program continues to grow. While preparing for the LSAT exam is the program’s main focus, in addition to a full tuition-paid LSAT preparation course, Los Abogados also provides its Fellows with assigned mentors for personal statement and resume review, and a one-on-one meeting with a law school admissions counselor from University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Our goal for each of our Fellows is to not only be “LSAT ready” but “Law School ready.”

Los Abogados is proud that our program has a history of proven success with Fellows receiving a competitive LSAT score. On average, our past Fellows earned a 10-point increase in their LSAT scores which has helped them receive admission to law school and scholarship awards!

Los Abogados past Pipeline Fellows have also received admission to the law schools of: University of Arizona; Arizona State University; UCLA; University of Colorado-Boulder; Michigan University; Stanford University; New York University; Cornell University; University of California-Berkley; Georgetown; Northeastern School of Law; Penn State Law School; University of New Mexico; Texas Southern University; and Seattle University.

Each year applicants will be selected for one of 10 available Fellowship positions, which awards:

12-week Tuition paid Kaplan LSAT Preparation Program

LSAT preparation materials and practice exams

Proctored Practice Sessions

10-Weekly Proctored LSAT Practice Exams

Mentor assigned to each Fellow for law school resume and personal statement review

One-on-one meeting with the Admissions Counselors from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law


1. Completed Application—Applications open in March.

2. Resume

3. Personal Statement—topic provided in application

4. Submit Undergraduate Transcripts (unofficial copies acceptable)


Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: Potential applicants must be eligible and intend to take the August/September LSAT exam for the same exam year as the Pipeline Fellowship. Applicants must also be eligible and intend to apply to law school for the fall application period following the Pipeline Fellowship program. (Example: Pipeline Fellows from the 2021 program are eligible and intend to take LSAT in August 2021 and submit their law school application in Fall 2021.

Q: What is the schedule for the Pipeline Fellowship program?

A: Every year the Pipeline Fellowship begins with the LSAT prep course at the end of May/early June through early August. The Kaplan preparation course runs Tuesday-Thursday evenings from approximately 6-8pm and every Saturday morning, the Fellows take a weekly LSAT practice exam. In September, the Fellows attend their one-on-one meeting with the law school admission counselors.

Q: Does the program work?

A: Yes…if you put in the work! The program is only as good as to the efforts and time the Fellows makes to study, not just during the scheduled times, but independently as well. The Pipeline Fellowship program requires a substantial time commitment over the summer, but the investment of time is well worth it.

We purposely keep the program small, to benefit our Fellows. Consequently, the Fellowship program carries a strict attendance policy. Attendance Policy: To remain eligible for the Fellowship, a Fellow cannot miss more than two (2) Kaplan Lectures; and (1) Saturday LSAT Practice Exam. Los Abogados reserves the right to place a Fellow on probation should a Fellows attendance fall below this attendance policy and/or remove a Fellow from the program and replace with a waitlisted applicant.

Q: I am not looking to apply, but how can I help the Los Abogados Pipeline Fellowship Program?

A: This program would not exist without the generous help and support of donations and volunteers. Tax-deductible donations can be made to the Los Abogados Foundation.

Additionally, the Pipeline Fellowship is always in need of law students and lawyers to serve as mentors to our Fellows and proctor the LSAT practice exams and Thursday evening sessions. Proctoring is very simple and does not require teaching of any LSAT material. If you are interested in proctoring and/or mentoring, please email us at:

Q: I still have questions, who can I contact for more information about the Pipeline Fellowship program?

A: Feel free to email any questions to us at:

Pipeline Committee

Los Abogados Pre-Law Program

Los Abogados partners with local schools to help foster an interest in the law.


As part of the Pipeline Committee, Los Abogados is involved in promoting the legal profession through various programs and collaborations which serve middle and high school students. Since 2016, Los Abogados has participated in PATHWAYS presentations through collaborative work with the AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute and Santa Maria Middle School.

AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute

AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute is a unique college access organization carefully designed to serve a growing number of youth navigating through their academic, personal and professional world. As a co-founder of AGUILA’s Pre-Law Pathways program, Los Abogados members provide legal methods classes to AGUILA students. Members also share their career pathways and stories of success in order to develop students' interest in a law related career. Los Abogados provides coaching and mentorship for interested AGUILA students to participate in local mock trial competitions. Recently, Los Abogados began partnering with ASU Law’s Chicano/a Latino Law Student Association (CLLSA) to integrate the college and law school experience into the AGUILA Pre-Law programing.

Interested in Joining or Learning More? Email us HERE


Los Abogados has been a proud guest of Santa Maria Middle School in West Phoenix for several years. Los Abogados provides its PATHWAYS presentations where attorneys and law students present on their path to becoming an attorney or making it to law school. Los Abogados also engages the students in classes on topics like the 4th Amendment. Los Abogados members have also assisted with the school’s annual trip to the state capitol.

Interested in Joining or Learning More? Email us HERE

The mission of Los Abogados is to develop, empower, and support the Latino community through the advancement of the legal profession.