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2009 and 2010
Hispanic National Bar Association
Affiliate Organization of the Year





Arizona Supreme Court
Arizona Supreme Court Complex


2015 marks the 39th anniversary of Los Abogados. As in the past, various constructive and beneficial works are expected for this year. You will read about several of these efforts here and in the areas of this site reserved exclusively for Members.

The primary purposes of Los Abogados are to enhance the quality of legal services provided to the Community; to educate the Hispanic Community regarding its rights and remedies and the availability of legal services; to receive and administer funds for the promotion and advancement of the Hispanic legal profession within the State of Arizona; and to aid in gathering, exchanging and disseminating facts and information relating to the business methods within the Hispanic legal profession, all with a view of promoting the business of the Hispanic legal profession within the State of Arizona.

If you have old photos or documents you would like to see posted, suggestions for additional information to be included, or comments on this new website, please be sure to go to the Los Abogados Website Survey or to send an e-mail to our Communications Director and let us know about them.


2015 Membership Dues
Membership Dues for 2014 are now payable on this website.  Payment now will ensure membership privileges through December 31, 2015.  To become a member, please go to the Become a Member menu on the left side of the Home Page and click on the Join Los Abogados Now link. Current members may renew their membership by clicking on the Renew link in the upper right corner of their screen.  If it does not appear, you will need to sign up for 2015 membership through the Join Los Abogados Now link.

Student memberships paid now will remain current until July 31, 2015 to coincide with the school year.

For further information, please see the FAQ section on Membership and the information concerning Los Abogados Membership Benefits.

2015 Board of Directors




  President: Ed Maldonado

  Vice President: Jason M. Barraza

  Recording Secretary: Ashley Villaverde Halvorson

  Treasurer: Michael Valenzuela

  Communications Director: Alejandro Perez

  Past President: Gaetano Testini  

Directors: , Antonio D. Bustamante, Isaac Hernandez, Lori Higuera, Cid Kallen, Ayensa Millan, Alex Navidad, Danny Ortega, Travis Pacheco, Lizette Rubio, Delia Salvatierra, Jessica Sanchez






Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 813
Phoenix, Arizona 85001



For general information or membership questions you may also e-mail us through our website e-mail form.

For any issues related to this website, please contact our Communications Director.